temporary highs


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fuck your president
we’re ruling ourselves
indulging in practices
so good for our health
they killed our heroes
put dickheads on the pulpit
like PE wouldn’t pull shit-
listen to the tunes that they’re thumping
are you surprised by their pomp and pulp?
the majority been chumps
and i ain’t on elite tip,
i’m strictly on a weed lift-
california love,
part two
are you ready?
but save me from confetti
and any pettiness
don’t getty my perception
with that plastic life they live
just catch me when i land
and let me get it in
that’s if you’re still living-
pimping, all magic, no tricks
feet up in a kitchen
politicking with a bad bishhh
even for a spell
temporary high
before receding back to hell
burning by the beachside
waiting for a swell
so i can ride that wave back
to where my feelings dwell
travel all this distance
just to take a L
but oh well...


released December 24, 2016



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